WebGuyz has been proudly serving up excellent services and support since 1999. We originally incorporated as Tele-Base but changed our name to WebGuyz in 2001. We still have some of those original Tele-base customers to this day. WebGuyz has evolved and improved our service offerings and support. We are able to keep costs low by using many Open Source products and implementing extreme automation to aid in access control for our customers.

   WebGuyz was founded by a service oriented staff who were more interested in 100% customer satisfaction then racking up numbers of customers. We believe if the service is good then the customers will come from word of mouth promotion from satisfied users.

   While the larger hosting companies are fighting for customers using all kinds of marketing gimmicks and ultimately suffering in customer support because they have to cut corners, WebGuyz continues to deliver great value at a fair price and personalized support that can not be matched by the giants of the hosting industry.